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Our Mission is to worship God and discover His plans for our lives. To show God’s love in words and in actions. To love, encourage and help one another to fulfill, "The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ". Matthew 28:18-20



  • Baebu tuh Pachia nyh hysawnua paw te hythua pya paw, atynpaw, arohkholeipwa Pachia bya nyh thua cite kae zyn.(2Tim 3:16; Mat 24:35)

  • Pachia ccangkheit rou ung zah tuh-e Pachia tuh Paaw, Ccapaw, te Thyaa Muisaw cite zungzae atyn paw milu luthung a um cite kae zyn. (Gen 1:26; Deut 6:4; Johan 10:30; 1Tim 2:5; Mat 3:16-17)

  • Jesu tuh Pachia mang athua pite ccungccaw lan yn tang zah misei'ae halan a chih koute bua a thothui paw Pachia Ccapaw cite kae zyn. ( Joh 1:14; 1Kor 15:3,12)

  • Adam keiccuze ccungccaw balyn huh misei'ae mawcci nynh thua cite kae zyn. (Rom 3:23; Rom 5:12)

  • Misei'ae aening tuh ahmaw cisahnaw thungte thualeite, Pachia thawccinaw liate zynnaw thungtete nyh khumnaw ah moe oh cite kae zyn. (Efe 2:8-9)

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